Alpine Drywall and Floor Coverings, LLC


            Contractor                                        Type                                               Job Names

            Bateman-                                      Floors                                         Walgreens, Utah

            P.O. Box 1464                                                                                 Wal-mart Wy, and Id

            Idaho Falls, Idaho 83403-1464     


        C B Bovenkamp                                   Floors / Drywall                  AT & T / Cingular 
       9002 S W 152nd Street                                                                        30 stores several states

        Miami, Florida 33157



         Clark Construction                              Floors                 Fort Irwin Family Housing 

         4840 West University Ave    Suite A3                              Fort Irwin Pool House

          Las Vegas, Nc 89103                                                    Fort Community Center



            ESI Contractors                                  Floors                 Shopko – Ca, Remodel

            12400 West Overland Road                                           Safeway Remodels, Wa, Mt

            Boise, Idaho 83709                                                      Albertsons Remodels, Id, Wy

            208-362-3040                                                               Wal-Mart Idaho, NM, Co


           Furst Construction                                    Flrs/Drywall           Gateway Computers, Utah

            5125 West 2100 South                          Flrs/Drywall           USPCI, Utah

            West Valley City, Utah 84120                Flrs                       Jordan Valley Apt., Utah



          Jacobsen Construction                          Floors/Drywall       Kennecott Mine Offices

            3131 West 2210 South                        Floors                   Jacbosen Office Remodel

            Salt Lake City, Utah 84127                  Drywall                 Harold B Lee Library, Provo Utah

            801-973-0500                                      Floors                   Jackson Hole – Golf  Resort


           J L Hardy Construction                         Floors                      Bed Bath and Beyond, Utah

            1800 South West Temple                    Floors                     Blockbuster Video, 28 stores

            Salt Lake City, Utah 84115                 Floors                       Dollar Trees, Az. Ut, Wa.

            801-467-9848                                     Floors                       Ross Dress UT


            Kendrick Brothers Cons.                    Floors/Drywall             Washington Mutual ID,UT.,

            4015 South West Temple                 Floors                         4 Morgan Jewelers Utah

            Salt Lake City, Utah 84115                Floors                        Samsung Olympic Pav.

             801-268-2486                                   Floors/Drywall            U OF U                              


            Northview Construction                     Floors                         Starbucks, Ut, Az, Id, and Wa

            169 East 50th Street                                                            Albertsons, Wy

            Boise, Idaho 83703                                                            Albertsons Express 8 stores



            Roger Knight Construction                Floors/Drywal             Valley Mental Health, Utah

            2660 West 2590 South                     Floors/Drywall            Pacific Linen, Utah

            West Valley City, Utah 84119           Floors                        Incredible Universe, Utah

            801-746-1058                                  Floors                        2 Marriott Fairfield Inn, Utah

                                                                   Floors / Drywall           Walgreens UT 4 stores


          Menlove Construction                       Floors                          Various T I  Improvements

           4243 West Nike Drive                                                          Marriot Residence Inn

           South Jordan, Utah 84088                                                  Aaron's Rents

          (801) 280-3000                                                                    Country Wide Home Loans


            R & O Construction                        Floors                            Albertson’s remodels,  Co, Ut

            933 Wall Avenue                          Floors                            Walgreens, Utah, Co

            Ogden, Utah 84401                       Floors                           Harmon’s, Utah 4 stores

            (801) 627-1403                                                                  Winegar’s, North Salt Lake


            Wadman Corporation                     Floors                         Safeway remodels, 4, Az

            2750 South 1000 West                                                     Sears remodel, Wa. And Az.

            Ogden, Utah 84402                                                          Smiths Grocery Ut. 2 stores

            801-621-4185                                                                    Walgreens, Wy, and Co.

                                                                                                      Autozone, 5, Utah

                                                                                                     Wal-Mart. Utah


            Wanzek Construction                     Floors                     Wal-Mart 

           16553 37R St SE

            Fargo, ND 58103



These are just a few of our references.  If you require further information you may contact us at 801-484-1626.  Any of our above listed references may be contacted for verification.


                 Commercial Contractors
                     Drywall, Metal Framing, Acoustical Ceilings, Resilient Flooring and Carpet

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